Seoul After Dark


Seoul After Dark

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Jump aboard on our Pedicab to discover a traditional and contemporary side of Seoul in a unique and exciting way. Our night ride provides a fantastic way to experience the vibrant city, riding through famous landmarks, and local districts in comfort. Experience what the city has to offer after the sun tucks itself away. 


After pick-up from Anguk Station Exit 1, you'll be greeted a romantic walkway heading towards Bukchon Village. The walkway turned into musician street where buskers come out to perform


Continue to the center of the city, sits a temple with more than 100 years of history, Jogyesa. With brightly lighted lanterns, Jogyesa draws a lot of attention, especially at night. You'll get to see monks and devotees meditating. Therefore, the temple creates a tranquil and calm atmosphere. 


From there, we visit Cheonggyecheon Stream where at some nights, parts of the river light up with a laser light show that projects various graphic images. No wonder South Koreans said that this is a place for clearing one's mind or rethinking a deal. 


From there, we ride to Ikseondong , a hanok village built in the 1920s for the commoners. While preserving the old architecture of Hanok, many had turned into cozy little cafes, restaurants and bars, galleries and hanok homestays. Stroll along the alleyways of Ikseondong the discover more about the neighborhood and if you don't want your night to end yet, ask your rider to recommend the best bar in town, the night's still young- trust us

출발 장소

Anguk Station Exit 1

투어 코스

Pick - Up at Anguk Station Exit 1 →  Gamgodang Street →  Samcheongdong →  Jogyesa →  Cheonggyecheon → Ikseondong Hanok Village → Artee Riders Club 


60 minutes. 
English Language Tour: ₩40,000 Per Person

- The capacity of one pedicab is 2 adults, and a child under 4 years of age may ride along for no additional cost.

- if a child is over 4 years of age, the adult fee is applied and cannot ride along with 2 adults.

* The ride is free of charge for a child under 4 years of age only when riding along with 2 adults.

* If you are bringing a child under 4 years of age, let us know in the message section. 


1 child under 4 years of age + 1 adult = 80,000 (one pedicab)

2 children under 4 years of age + 2 adults = 120,000 (two pedicabs)

1 child over 4 years of age + 1 adult = 80,000 (one pedicab)

1 child under 4 years of age + 1 child over 4 years of age + 1 adult = 80,000 (one pedicab)

투어 팁

There are other places that we do not reveal on our illustrated map & our slide show as we want to keep it under ARTEE’s hidden places! So, book a tour with us and we’ll show you around!