Spring In Sight

The cherry blossoms, known in Korean as beot-kkot , are usually only in full bloom for around one week. After the period of full bloom , the cherry blossoms start to flutter gracefully from their trees and the blossoms are said to be the most beautiful in this final stage as the white and pink petals gently float to the ground.

If you want avoid the crowd, book us and we'll take you for a quaint ride in Bukchon's Secret Cherry Blossom Location. We'll make sure your next profile picture will not be filled with humans behind you too ;) Book any Bukchon Tours (Bukchon West, Bukchon East or Bukchon VIP) to enter Bukchon's Secret Cherry Blossom Location.

There’s nothing better than spring in Bukchon. Be prepared: All those blooms along hanok houses, special spring menus in cafes and flea markets will give you spring fever. (There’s nothing better than spring in Bukchon. All those blooms along Hanok houses special spring experiences in Bukchon will give you spring fever.)

Making your own Spring Fragrance : Sometimes it's hard to find a scent that you really want, for your home, yourself or even a present for your lover. Why not make your own fragrance?
Grandhand, an artisanal perfume shop in Bukchon offers perfumery workshops to make your own scent and it can be done in 1 day.

More information of Granhand :

Website : www.granhand.com Instagram : www.instagram.com/granhand_official Blog : www.blog.naver.com/granhandlab 

If you're craving for amazing teas and rice cakes, Cafe Gahwadang might just be it. You'll fall in love with the ambience once you entered the hidden Hanok-style Cafe. Tucked in the narrow streets of Samcheongdong, lies an old Korean Traditional house. You'll be surprise that this little house serves amazing Korean rice cakes and teas. If you're looking for a place to stop and relax, Cafe Gahwadang might just be it. Be sure to order their Omija or Kyeong San Jujube Tea! Closed on Mondays and opens at 1pm.

Blooming forecast of cherry blossoms in Seoul are estimated during April 6th - April 11th 2017 and are based on Korea Meteorological Corporation.