For our business, we would like to say YES, VERY MUCH. We have seatbelt for young children and adults. We are allowed to ride on car road, but would try to avoid due to rough car drivers. Even if the car road is the shortcut, we try to use small streets where the pedicab is small enough to go through.
To those first-timers, let me assure you that our riders have gone through an intensive four-week training period, including safety instructions, to make sure that no customers fall off from the pedicabs during the riding experience. Sit back and enjoy!
Yes we do. Our riders are your tour guide as well. We explained about all the places we will visit, that includes, background of areas, historical sights, landmarks, alleyways, cultural centres, and we can even recommend the best places to eat and shop!
Artee pedicabs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology called Human Legs. No electric motors, just pure sweat and muscle-power of humanity.
First, you can make a phone call (+82-070-8955-1693) or online reservation, then the rider will run to your place on the time you want and at the place where you are. Another way is this ‘Catch any pedicab which is empty!’ Even if it seems like the riders are taking a rest, please go ask if it’s available. They have actually been waiting for you.
We, riders, will answer that question like this, ‘it’s your choice.’ If there is a place among tour courses that you want to go again, it can be your ending place. Moreover, you can choose some places you have not been, or the next place you plan to go after Artee Pedicab Tour.
The best could be this, ‘Ask Your Rider to Recommend.’ All riders have their own experience in the area. They would suggest the best restaurant to go if you’re heading to lunch or the nearest subway station if you’re going to take the train.
Technically, it’s 2 adults OR 3 kids per pedicab ride. But we can have the following combinations: 1 adult + 2 kids, 2 adults + 1 kid. But we will not be able to carry these combinations: 1 adult + 3 kids, 2 adults + 2 kids. (* Keep in mind, we mean kids aged 4 or less)
We have riders who can speak in English.
Yes. If you have a child, it will be count per person.
However, for family of 3 (2 adults with 1 child under 4 years old), there will be no charge for the child under 4 years old.
That means you and Artee rider are interacting well and enjoying the time. It is the rider’s service, and you may deserve it.
If the weather forecast looks really bad on your riding day, we will contact you personally to inform the riding status. Full refund will be made if the ride is cancel due to bad weather or you can postpone your ride to another day.
- 100% refund will be made if reservation is cancelled 2 days or more before riding day.
- 50% refund will be made if reservation is cancelled 1 day before riding day.
- No refund will be made if reservation is cancelled on the riding day.
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